Freestyle – Cut Killer – Freestyle 3 – 1 Son 2 Rue

Cut Killer est adolescent quand le rap arrive en France, en particulier à travers les radios Radio 7, freestyle – Cut Killer – Freestyle 3 – 1 Son 2 Rue Radio Nova. Il intègre IZB, la première association qui insère le hip-hop et organise des concerts au début 1990.

En 1991, il réalise des scratches sur l’album d’Original MC. Au milieu des années 1990, Cut Killer a l’idée d’adapter à la France le concept qui a consolidé la notoriété du hip hop new-yorkais, celui des mix-tapes. MTV : l’émission organise une soirée mobile dans les clubs de France et d’Europe, avec Cut Killer comme DJ, et China Moses comme présentatrice, et quelques artistes invités. En 2011 et 2013, Cut Killer signe la musique des saisons 1 et 2 de la série de dessins animés Baskup – Tony Parker. Cut Killer, ciné et paternité : “Avant d’avoir ma fille, je ne pleurais pas” , sur Purepeople. Enora Malagré sur Cut Killer  sur purepeople.

Cut Killer se confie sur sa relation de couple avec Enora Malagré  sur Voici, 13 mai 2013. Rechercher les pages comportant ce texte. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 29 avril 2018 à 17:19. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

French DJ of Moroccan origin with a versatile repertoire of hip hop and rap. Killer as a young Parisian who loved music and a frenzied activist embraced wholeheartedly the emerging Parisian movement. He joined IZB, the first association to promote the hip-hop and organize concerts, and put down scratches on Original MC’s 1991 album. He performed a memorable role as himself in a scene from the cult movie La Haine. In the middle of the 1990s, Killer had already become a well-respected and active DJ.

He adapted and consolidated New York hip-hop in France through many of his mix tapes, mixing the latest releases and freestyles of French rap, they became favorites and collectors’ items. His dynamic mixes, his smartness to catch the best 12 inches before anyone, and his flair to find local rappers made his mix-tapes important. In a few years, HH became one of the most influential independent labels on the market. B to his longtime accomplice, DJ Abdel, West Coast music to the specialist DJ Cream, and gave himself a try with dancehall Ragga Killa Show, before coming back to the French sound with 1 Son 2 Rue.

Over the years, Cut Killer made or produced about twenty mixed albums. Fond of the cinema, Killer mixed music in La Haine, where he played music from Edith Piaf and NTM on KRS-One’s beat. In the middle of the decade, Killer returned to the fundamentals of dee-jaying on radio, and after four years on Radio Nova, he joins Skyrock, where he has a weekly show the best of global hip-hop evolution. Truly an international DJ, he became the first French DJ booked in the USA through Funkmaster Flex’ DJ Big Dawg Pitbulls and 50 Cent’s Shadyville DJ’s.

Killer has great versatility mixing the urban style, with rock, pop, reggae, in venues in Asia, Europe, USA, Australia bringing down barriers the barriers of language and geography. This page was last edited on 28 August 2017, at 11:20. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Born in Madagascar to a family of Comoran origin, he immigrated in 1985 to France living in Vitry-sur-Seine, in south suburbs of Paris. Tracks included “Appelle-moi Rohff,” “Catastrohff,” “Skyrohff,” “Rohff Vs l’État,”, “Les Nerfs à Vifs”, “Génération sacrifiée,” and “Manimal.